I co-found a high-growth FinTech startup. Much of the early days was spent in customer discovery interviews and bumping my head against the wall in this brand new journey of running a tech startup.

June 2016

I deliver my first-ever investor pitch, in our apartment in Costa Rica where my wife and I were living at the time. The first thing I told my wife after the pitch ended was, "That didn't go so well!" Maybe you can relate.

April 2017

I go through a startup accelerator and have my first experience pitching investors at scale both virtually and in person.

October 2017

I create my own pitch process, which transforms me and my company. I debut the new pitch in late October 2017 to a room full of angel investors.

April 2018

Using my new pitch process, investors' posture completely changes from indifference to now leaning over the table, never breaking eye contact with me. Pitch competitions open up spots for me to pitch. After every pitch I give across the country, I have a stream of audience members approach me, raving about my pitch and delivery.

july 2018

Six months later, I raise venture capital from a Fortune 500 FinTech company. I knew I was onto something when the venture capitalist complimented me and said, "I just can't get the story of Greg out of my head."

This is me at Demo Day in front of 500 audience members, investors and customers.

Early 2019

My FinTech startup has a catastrophic ending.

My father, also my co-founder, gets hit with brain cancer and passes away several months later. I cope with the profound personal grief of losing a father, as well as am plunged into the deep introspection that accompanies a startup failure.

May 2019

I begin an ecosystem-builder role at the Greater Green Bay Chamber.

This is my first foray into pitch coaching, coaching about 10 startups a year through various events and pitch competitions, using the process I had developed and used in my FinTech startup.

July 2020

I create Tundra Angels, an angel investor network to invest in high-growth startups, as part of the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Economic Development Strategic Plan.


We’ve invested over $1.5M in over 10 companies. I’ve coached each startup on their pitches and story narratives, empowering them to raise more capital in less time.

Tundra Angels is growing as its own entity; our portfolio companies are looking strong, and even come back to me for refreshed coaching when they go out to fundraise. Now, I’m taking my pitch coaching process to help other startups, VCs, angel investors, and accelerator programs leverage their startup pitches to tell unforgettable stories and get commitments from investors.