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Why are other startups getting funded and not you?

Do you feel that...

Fundraising is a discouraging and lonely journey.
Your startup’s runway keeps getting shorter.
You hear the same investor feedback over and over again.
You're spending time and energy trying to land investors and getting nowhere.
Investors keep passing on your startup.
You're lacking confidence in your ability to successfully fundraise.

Your pitch determines if your fundraise is mundane or magnetic

Your average venture investor talks to about 30 startups per week.

And most of those startups fall into what we call the “sea of sameness,” quickly disappearing from investors’ minds. Translation: This is the best way to get an investor to pass on you.

The startups that get 2nd investor meetings do something differently. They leverage their pitch and implant unforgettable emotional hooks to:

Invigorate urgency of the market problem

Frame the solution as unequivocally market dominant

Disqualify the competition

Mobilize investors and their investment teams to sell the startup’s fundraise to other investors

Your pitch could be the secret weapon of your fundraise.

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Start landing investors in 3 steps

Apply for a pitch workshop
Develop a pitch and story narrative that captures investor interest
Get commitments from investors and command confidence in fundraising.

Get expert pitch coaching from a former VC-backed startup founder turned angel investor

I know how it feels to get continually passed on by investors.

As a startup CEO, I found fundraising to be an immense challenge. Over the years, I pitched to hundreds of investors around the country with no success. It was so discouraging.

But then I reached a new performance curve. 

I created my own effective pitch process that transformed me and my company. I moved from complete discouragement to profound confidence in my abilities to command investor interest. Six months later, I raised venture capital from a Fortune 500 company.

matthew kee pitch coaching presentation

Today, as an angel investor in over 10 companies, I want my portfolio companies to be successful and raise future rounds of capital. For the past two years, I’ve coached my portfolio companies to deliver pitches that gets them meetings with investors and allows them to raise more capital in less time.

If you want to become unforgettable to investors, I’ll share the secrets I use to coach my own portfolio startups. Pitching has become their secret weapon. Apply for the next pitch coaching session with me, and start getting commitments from investors.

- Matthew Kee

matthew kee portrait
Our round was 50% sold when we started working with Matthew and within a few weeks, we filled our round completely. Matthew helped us get our pitch from a 6 to a 10!

Mark Levine

Co-Founder and CEO

Matthew helped us create a story that better connected with our audience. His innovative one line messaging , 'Giving pre-term babies the voice that they have never had before' resonated very well with our investors, potential investors and customers. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Matthew.

Harpreet Singh

Co-Founder and CEO
Child Health Imprints

It was so impressive that Matthew helped us develop Pyran's message and build a structured pitch based on a technology that Matthew had little background in. Pyran subsequently raised a Series A equity round and I cannot thank Matthew enough for his efforts!

Kevin Barnett

Co-Founder and CTO

Storytelling is the key to a killer pitch but that's easier said than done. Matthew has been key for us. He knows the challenges founders face and what gets investors excited, and he gives lots of tips and tricks to position us and our startup for fundraising success. I am so glad to have Matthew on our side!

Jake Tamarkin

Founder and CEO
Everyday Life

I knew our pitch could use some clean-up and needed a fresh narrative. Matthew was awesome at finding the diamond in the rough and really focusing the pitch on the investors' point of view.

Jack Ryan

Founder and CEO

Take the next step in landing more investors

Develop a compelling investor pitch with this process


Combination of 2 live sessions and asynchronous work over 2 weeks.

What you'll get

8 minute investor pitch proven to close venture rounds

One-on-one coaching with Matthew to unearth the story and emotion

Fundraising tactics from an investor perspective

Investor collateral add-ons

Elevator pitch

Executive summary

Investor reading deck

* Each pitch coaching session is customized depending on startups' needs and breadth of execution. Discount available for VCs, angel investors, and startup accelerators when engaging in coaching for more than one portfolio company.

Risk free:

If you don’t love it after three live sessions, you can cancel, and we’ll refund 100% of your payment.

Apply for "The Pitch Reconstruction Show"

Every Tuesday at 9 a.m. CST, we hold a live virtual show where we feature a startup CEO that is raising capital. They pitch us and the audience, and I do a live breakdown of the startup's pitch deck, story, and delivery, and reconstruct the pitch to be super attractive from an investor perspective. It's a ton of fun, entertaining, and enjoyable for all! Apply to be a featured startup on the "The Pitch Reconstruction Show"!